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Myanmar’s military junta is facing a record low of troop morale, prompting the Vice Senior General inspects and spearhead a unity campaign

Yangon (Chindwin): Vice Senior General of Myanmar military junta Soe Win is spearheading a campaign to unite the largely detached troops in major military bases across the war-torn country.  

Multiple sources, since last November 2021, have suggested that the Tatmadaw is facing increasingly an instability despite the Tatmadaw leadership’s hardcore attempts of putting the army in the dark – not to get news from outside world.  

Instead, the junta has been beleaguered by the consistent defection of its troops and a growing distrust against the junta’s elite leadership. 

The military top leadership’s inability to stop a growing chorus of the frontline soldiers deserting the military is a huge blow to the Tatmadaw morale.

The military analyst also believes recent announcement of Australia accepting the soldiers and police joining the civil disobedience movement as refugees largely contributes to shaking up Tatmadaw’s instability. 

The deputy junta leader visited the military training base at Bahtoo, located north of Taunggyi – the capital city of Shan State, on 04 April 2022. 

The visit aims to build unity among the Tatmadaw and urge the officer trainees at the Bahtoo military base to unite and not go against the Tatmadaw because of the external attempts.

Khit Thit has reported that the junta army has confiscated the national identity cards of single young soldiers at Mingaladon military base in Yangon region to prevent further escape from the Tatmadaw, citing the internal source. 

However, Chindwin cannot independently verify the report.


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