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SAC arrests over 60 civilians within a week in Maubin and Ingapu townships of Ayeyarwady Region

More than 60 civilians, including a 70-years-old person, have been reportedly arrested by the military council within a week in Maubin and Ingapu townships, Ayeyarwady Region.

The military council arrested Koni, a social worker from Karuna Funeral Service, and several university students in Maubin township on 13 October, according to DVB’s report.

“Koni is merely a social worker, he never involves in politics. The reason could be that the Karuna funeral service group had previously announced that they will not help junta’s armies and their family members,” a source told DVB.

The next day on 14 October, the military council continued arresting family members of the Karuna teams, including a 70-years-old local civilian.

Similarly, the military junta’s troops arrested more than 30 civilians in Ingapu township, accusing them of having a connection with local armed resistance fighters, the People Defense Forces (PDF).

Those civilians arrested have been held at local police stations and being tortured and beaten up by the polices.

Over 50 civilians from Ingapu township have been arrested since the military’s coup early this year.


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