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A Major rank of Myanmar’s junta army is the ring leader of trafficking Rohingya from Bangladesh to Malaysia

08 September 2022

A secret record of a telephone call between a major rank of the junta army and another broker from the Rohingya community has been leaked and went viral on the internet on 07 September in Myanmar, revealing the full extent of corruption of the junta soldiers.

A Major from the junta army claimed that the group of Rohingya he trafficked from Bangladesh to Malaysia has never been nabbed so far, but people who used other brokers have been constantly caught in the middle of the journey from Bangladesh to Yangon before crossing Thailand, then to Malaysia.

A total of RM 21,500 (Malaysian currency) has to be paid per person, with three instalments to be paid through the beginning of the journey to Malaysia.

The major demanded RM6,000 to be paid in Yangon city before another RM 12,000 to be immediately paid upon arrival of Maesot city of Thailand, and the remaining balance of RM3,500 will be paid upon the arrival of Malaysia.

According to the audio translation, the major has two other accomplices in the trafficking scheme, with the journey taking at least five or seven days from Bangladesh to Malaysia.


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