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Border Guard Force shot two girls and destroyed local based clinic in Karen State

Yangon – Border Guard Force (BGF) company 3, led by Kyaw Leh Theit from battalion 1013 under Bo Chit Thu and Bo Maw Tho had entered local community clinic known as Pwa Gaw clinic at about 1:30 pm [Myanmar Time] in Pwa Gaw village tract, Hpa-an twonship, Doo That Htoo district,  Karen State on 19 November. 

The BDG forces looted the clinic healthcare supplies, tools, medicines, destroying the clinic building. 

Also, the BGF troops opened fire at the villager’s car on the road close to Kru Kyee rier, hitting the two girls aged 17 and 14 – both of them from Baw Th’Roo village. One girl was hit at her throat and the other was at her thigh. 

The driver had to take them immediately to Hpa-an hospital for medical treatment. 

The BGF troops told villagers, “Do not entre into the Pwa Gaw clinic!, if you do, you will know it [what it is like in clinic].” The villagers believe the BGF troops have planted the bomb at the clinic, making them afraid of going to the clinic for fear of the bomb. 


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