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Chin Baptist Convention condemns military’s atrocities against civilians in Chin State

Hakha (Chindwin): The Chin Baptist Convention (CBC) has issued a statement condemning atrocities committed by the Myanmar junta’s forces against civilians in Chin State. The statement came yesterday as the Myanmar junta’s forces killed a Christian Pastor and burned down nearly 20 residential houses in Thantlang town, Chin State. 

“The current political conflict has put the country in turmoil and bitterly affected healthcare, education, livelihoods and security of the citizens across the country, and the conflict should be resolved peacefully,” the statement read.

The statement also highlights the destruction of Christian churches and properties by the military forces in recent weeks. “The military’s actions such as the use of churches as military base, destructions of the Holy Bible, the bombardment of religious buildings using heavy artilleries, and disproportionate use of forces against civilians are unacceptable and viewed as an insult to Chin ethnics and wider Christian community,” continued the statement. 

 The Myanmar junta’s forces have reportedly destroyed the Holy Bible and several religious buildings in Falam Township, Chin State. 

Finally, the Chin Baptist Convention also condemns killing an ordained Christian Pastor identified as Cung Biak Hum by the junta’s force on 18 September in Thantlang, Chin State. “We are deeply troubled and shaken by the killing of an ordained Paster Cung Biak Hmun by the military and stripping of a wedding ring by cutting his finger as well as snatching other belongings from his corpse,” said the statement. 

Established in 1953, CBC, formerly known as Zomi Baptist Convention (ZBC), is the largest and most influential religious organizations in Chin State. The statement was signed by CBC’s Chairman Rev. Ngun Thawng Mang and Secretary-General Rev. Dr. Law Ha Ling.


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