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Lists of Myanmar military junta and pro-military group’s plans to disrupt the planned “Silent Strike”

Yangon – Since last week, social media in Myanmar has been inundated with a campaign for “Silent Strike” on 01 February to mark the anniversary of the brutal military coup on 01 February 2021, Myanmar military junta and its pro-military groups have planned counteractivities aiming to disrupt the nationwide silent strike tomorrow. 

Secret plans of the pro-military groups have been revealed.

Firstly, block administrators appointed by the military junta at each township in Yangon are urged to bring 100 people each from one township to mark the anniversary of military rule for one year. Then it is to continue making a rally in the middle of the country’s largest city – Yangon between 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on 01 February 2022.

It is planned to purely disrupt the planned silent demonstration.

The military junta has ordered all vacant shops in large shopping malls to open during the 01 February. 

Third, the junta administration is planning to do the COVID vaccine in Innsein, and the block administrators have announced via the loudspeaker day and night. 

Civil servants working in Municipality office in the city are ordered to go out during the day on 01 February and buy food at the shops. 

In Mandalay – the second largest city in the country, the Municipality office under the military junta is planning to organize a competition of bi-cycle riding, with many motorcycles to be arrested on 31 January and allowed to be picked up on 01 February in order to make people’s movement throughout the day as silent strike is aimed stay at home from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

From Kalaymyo in Sagaing of the northwest and Mawlamyaing in Taningtharyi region in the southern to many areas in the mainland regions, the military junta has forced many shop owners to open their shops during 01 February – the move is viewed as an attempt to disrupt the people’s movement.


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