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Mass exodus from Myanmar’s notorious Insein prison begins amid the recent bomb blast

In a blow to the junta regime, around 30 permanent staff members run away from their duties in the country's most notorious prison in Yangon city according to a new report.

(CHINDWIN): A new report has revealed that around 30 permanent staff members of the junta regime’s security forces guarding the country’s most notorious prison have officially run away from the prison.

A whistle-blower from the Insein prison talked to a local news agency, confirming that around 30 staff members ran away from their duties as they were not allowed to resign, although some staff members offered a letter of resignation.

Part of the main reason people run away from working in the notorious prison is that the working condition is extremely hard for majority of staff members.

There are reportedly around 800 workers in Insein prison of which mang are forced to stand the whole day monitoring the CCTV and the prison movements.

During a working hour, they are not given a proper chair to even sit on a chair, a man currently working in the prison revealed to Than Lwin Times.

In addition, food is not offered for many staff members while the paycheck is pretty bad, a new report has revealed.

On 29 October, a bomb blast in the visiting room in prison killed 8 people and injured many.


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