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Myanmar military: 23 killed and 30 injured in a day in the controlled area of KNU – Brigade 5

Karen Information Centre (KIC) has released a statement today about the clashes between the Karen National Liberation Army and Myanmar military junta on 30 September, resulting in 23 junta soldiers dead and 30 injured. 

In one day alone, there were six clashes encountered between KNLA and Myanmar’s military junta. 

The battles are known to be between 102 battalion of KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army) of KNU (Karen National Union) – Brigade 5 and Light Infantry Division – 408 under the command of the headquarter of military operations command (MOC – 08). 

Among those injured from Myanmar army included two battalion commanders, according to the information provided by KNU based in Mutraw district. 

Karen Information Centre also adds that there are constant clashes between KNU’s troops and the Myanmar army due to the State Administrative Council (SAC) increasingly sending the substantial reinforcement in the area. 


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