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HomeWorldMyanmar: Classified military document leaked in relation to International Criminal Court (ICC)

Myanmar: Classified military document leaked in relation to International Criminal Court (ICC)

Yangon – The two-page military document discusses an authorised directive to all the junta’s administration departments not to accept the incoming letters or summons of the International Criminal Court (ICC) via air and social media such as Viber, Messenger and Telegram, on 06 January 2022. 

The document is signed by captain Aung Ko Zaw from the No. 4 Department of Air Force operation. 

The document details the alleged accusations against the military top brass over the human rights violations against the Muslim Rohingya by Burmese Rohingya Organization Uk (BROUK) and the potential summon to appear at the International Criminal Court by the ICC. 

The document first appeared in Myanmar Police CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) Channel, which is established and run by former police who joined CDM, on 13 January.

Our sources have verified the document and this authentic, yet Chindwin cannot trace the origin of how this is leaked to the public.

“I believe the junta leader is deploying all venues to prevent all noises from the international communities to do whatever he wants to last his power grip,” a local who is well-informed on Myanmar politics tells Chindwin. He requested his anonymity for security reasons.  

U.N Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews says, “A German court’s conviction of a Syrian officer for crimes against humanity in Syrian shows how Myanmar military leaders can be held accountable for their crimes. I urge the filing of criminal complaints for crimes committed in Myanmar to States with universal jurisdiction law.” 

On 08 January, Myanmar’s junta army has mass killed ten civilians in Matupi Township, Chin State after being abducted on 06 and 07 January, with all their throats slashed and bodies full of knife and gun wounds, according to the pictures seen by Chindwin.


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