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Myanmar junta’s forces kill a Christian Pastor and rob his belongings

19 September 2021

Hakha, Chin State (Chindwin): Myanmar junta’s forces killed a Christian Pastor named Cung Biak Hum (Biak Kolh) yesterday in Thantlang town, Chin State. Prior to the incident, the junta forces allegedly fired heavy artilleries targeting residential houses, which put more than a dozen houses on fire. 

The Pastor was shot as he was rushing to assist with putting off the fire. “The first shot injured his arm, then the junta’s forces rushed toward him and shot again twice in his chest,” said the local resident who refused to provide his name for security reason. 

“After killing him, the junta forces cut off his fourth finger and snatched away his wedding ring, gold necklace, watch and his mobile phone”, he added. Photos of an amputated finger separating from the Pastor’s arm was seen as people shared on social media. 

Pastor Cun Biak Hmun is a father of two children, and his wife is currently pregnant. He is also serving as a full-time Pastor at Thantlang Centenary Baptist Church.

The recent inhuman actions of the military junta in Thantlang and wider Chin State have severely angered the Chin ethnic people. 

Thantlang, a small town located in western Chin State, where the incident took place is home to a few thousand of Chin ethnic people. The majority of the local residents have reportedly fled homes due to the ongoing clashes between Chinland Defense Forces (CDF), Chin guerrilla fighters formed after the February coup, and the Myanmar Junta’s forces.

Multiple armed clashes between the junta’s forces and CDF also reportedly occurred in recent weeks in Thantlang areas and Hakha, the capital city of Chin State.


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